Did you know you can teach your Peridot Tricks? Some examples of Tricks are handshake, reverse spin, and booty shake! Tricks unlock at Keeper Level 3.

To view what kind of Tricks you can teach your Dot, tap on the Dot’s Fullness/Attention meter and scroll down. Some Tricks are only unlocked at a higher Keeper Level.


To do a Trick, tap on the Backpack and select the lunchbox. Pick any food item, and drag it up to the circle in the center of the screen. Hold it there until the circle completes and a grid of nine circles is visible. Now, drag your finger with the food to the left, right, up, or down over the grid of visible circles to train your Dot on a particular trick. Once you’ve successfully completed the gesture, feed your Dot the food to reward them so they can learn the Trick!

You can see your Dot’s training progress on the Dot details page. A Dot must complete a Trick a number of times before becoming an expert at it!