Desires are tasks that your Peridot needs your help to complete. Dots may get Desires to visit a Habitat, find specific types of food, and many other things. Some Desires may even ask you to show your Dot something in the real world! Completing your Dot’s desires grants your Dot Growth and is the best way to grow them into an adult.

To see your Dot’s current Desires, tap on your Dot’s happiness meter on the bottom left of the screen.

If you tap on a Desire you will see a description with a little more information about how to complete it. You can also tap “remove” to remove it, but beware, this may make your Dot unhappy!



Quests are tasks you can complete in the game to earn Sundrops, XP, and other fabulous rewards. Quests are either daily, weekly, or event related.

To see your Quests, tap on your Dot’s happiness meter and select the blue “checklist” tab.