Peridots are defined by Traits, which can be utilized when you Hatch-a-Dot  to control what type of Dot you end up with in your next generation.


An Archetype is a classification of the type of Dot you have - and is composed of one or more specific Traits. Traits are the “building blocks” of your Dot - they are features that make your Dot unique. Not all Traits are necessarily tied to an Archetype.


An example of an Archetype can be Celestial, Kintsugi, or Clownfish. An example of Traits can be fluffy, long tail, or stripes. If you tap on a Archetype icon, you will be able to see the required Traits they posess in order to be considered that Archetype.


All Dots are unique and will possess their own special blend of Traits and Archetypes. Some Traits can be inherited by the next generation if your Keeper level is high enough that you have unlocked that specific Trait.


You can view Archetypes you have unlocked by tapping on your backpack, selecting your Journal, and tapping on the “You” page.

View traits in the breeding screen to see which Archetypes and Traits can be inherited by the next generation, and which ones still need to be unlocked by becoming a more skilled Keeper.