0.25 is ready to download and the maintenance period has ended. Here are the release notes for 0.25.

What’s new:

  • New breeding system with additional traits and rarity levels

    • Dots now have traits and rarity levels assigned to them, making breeding outcomes more unique and predictable.

    • Dots now have a 100% chance of breeding successfully.

    • Introducing a new currency, Sundrops - for breeding Dots.

  • Keeper level progression rewards, including unlocking the ability to breed for rarer Dot traits

    • The higher level Keeper you achieve, the rarer Dot traits you will be able to unlock.

  • Daily & Weekly Quests

    • More ways to earn Sundrops and other rewards in gameplay.

  • Tricks

    • Teach your Dot how to do cute tricks such as handshakes, reverse spins, and booty shakes.

In this update, you’ll also notice some changes to in-game nomenclature. We’ve made these changes in order to make it easier for you to relate the items or purpose of features in the game to their name.

  • Summoning Wisps -> Nests (not to be confused with Nests that were previously used in the breeding system and have been deprecated)

  • Dot XP -> Growth

  • Journeys -> Travels

  • Peridough -> Gemstones

  • Traits -> Personality (not to be confused with Traits that are now used in the breeding system and define the “building blocks” of your Peridots)

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