Food has a variety of benefits for your Peridot. Regularly feeding your Dot will increase it's happiness, you can use food to teach your Dot tricks, and feeding your Dot specific foods can complete Quests and Desires.

Dots can find food by foraging in different types of terrain. Foraging is when a Dot digs into the ground to search for food. Foraging in different types of terrain, such as unnatural ground (concrete or bricks), water, grass, foliage, dirt, and sand, will yield different types of food. To forage for food, simply trace a circle on the ground and your Dot will take care of the rest!.

To feed your Dot, tap on your backpack and select the Lunchbox. From there, you will see a list of foods you have collected while foraging. Select the food you wish to feed to your Dot and swipe up to toss it over to your Dot. You can put food back into your bag by dragging it over to the “X” symbol towards the bottom of the screen.

Some food is special. Dewdrops, for example, give your Dot part of it's personality when consumed. Dotnip increases your Dot's happiness when consumed. Lastly, Seed Sprouts double the growth that Dots get from fulfilling Desires for 30 minutes.

Each day, some foods will start to age.  After a certain amount of time, aged foods will be removed from your Lunchbox. Food bundles, Dewdrops, Dotnip, and Seed Sprouts are also available in the store for purchase.