Dot Happiness

Keeping your Peridot happy is key to creating a good relationship with your Dot. Dot happiness is shown using the Dot Happiness Meter in the bottom left hand side of the home screen. If the meter is red, your Dot is not happy. If the meter is yellow, your Dot is “meh”. If the meter is green, your Dot is happy. Yay!


Increase Dot happiness by:

  • Petting

  • Walking

  • Completing Desires
  • Using Dotnip

Unhappy Dots may act accordingly or refuse to forage, so be sure to keep your Dot happy!

Raising Your Dot

Dots have three stages of life; baby, teen, and adult. To advance your Dot through the life stages, you need to take good care of it. Increase dot growth by:

  • Completing Desires
  • Travels - your Dot will Travel when you are away so be sure to check in on them frequently!