Breed your Dot to discover new Archetypes and create a new generation! Dots must be raised to adulthood in order to breed them with other Dots.

To breed, go check out a Habitat. There you’ll find matches for your Dot listed when you tap on the Habitat icon.

There is always at least one here, a Wild Dot, but the others are Dots other Keepers have released in the world.

Unlock Traits for your Dot and find Dots with matching Traits to breed with. The more Traits that match, the better the chance you’ll have at breeding successfully! If you add other Keepers as friends, the Dots they release will have a 100% chance at breedingwith yours!

Note: Starting Dots won't always have an Archetype, but they may start with a Common Archetype. In fact, not all Dots have Archetypes!

When you get your first Dot, they'll have a basic set of attributes including a basic pattern, colors, tail length, and horns. You'll be able to create different looks outside of Archetypes with attributes that you think are cool as you meet other Dots. Some attributes are harder to find than others, and the rarer the Archetype, the harder those attributes are to find in the wild!

Check out the Nest and Archetype descriptions to see what attributes are included within each!


Nests are required for breeding. When you forage at Habitats, you have a chance to get parts of a Nest. Once you collect 5 pieces, a full Nest will automatically be crafted and you’ll be able to use it to breed with another Dot.

Some Nests are harder to find than others. They contain genes that will mutate the baby of two Dots that breed to have a specific look.

If you use a Plain Nest, it won’t mutate the resulting Dot, but will just give a chance at breeding with the Dot you’re attempting to match with.

Each time you attempt to breed unsuccessfully, you’ll build a bit more of a bond with the Dot you’re trying to breed with and your next attempt will have a higher probability of success. When you succeed, you’re given the choice of three eggs, each of which will show you a hint of what your future Dot may look like.