Hatch-a-Dot is the process of breeding two adult Peridots to create a new baby Dot. Hatching Dots is a fun way to create new completely unique Dots, and even discover new Archetypes!

Hatching can occur at a Habitat, with Visitor Dots, or with friends! 

How to Hatch-a-Dot

When you’re at a Habitat, you'll see nearby Keeper's Dots or sometimes Wild Dots. You can also see other Dots who have been in your area by selecting the Visitor Dots icon on the home screen. You can also Hatch-a-Dot with friends by visiting their profile from your friends list and scrolling to their current Dot. Friend's Dots must be adults in order to Hatch with them. 

Tap on the Dot you want to Hatch with and select to either Hatch-a-Dot with only unlocked Traits (traits are unlocked as you level up), or tap on the purple Hatch-a-Dot icon to Hatch with locked traits. You can scroll down to see which Traits are unlocked, and which are locked. 


Once the transaction is complete, Hatch-a-Dot can begin! You will be given 3 unique eggs to choose one from (every Peridot is unique!), and your baby Dot will be hatched.

Note: You will need either Sundrops or Gemstones to Hatch-a-Dot, as well as a Nest.