Hatch-a-Dot is the process of breeding two adult Peridots to create a new Dot and discover new Archetypes!

Hatching can occur at a Habitat, with Visitor Dots, or with friends! Your Dot must be an adult to Hatch-a-Dot and the process must take place in Campfire. 

Hatch-a-Dot is currently not available for Niantic Kids accounts. 

Initiating Hatch-a-Dot

At a Habitat

When you’re at a Habitat, you'll see nearby Keeper's Dots. You can also see other Dots who have been in your area by selecting the Visitor Dots icon on the home screen. 

With Friends

You can also Hatch-a-Dot with friends by visiting their profile from your friends list and scrolling to their current Dot. 

To Hatch-a-Dot, select  the Dot you wish to Hatch-a-Dot with and select the option to message the Dot’s Keeper and confirm. You will then be directed to a Campfire Direct Message with the Keeper. 


Requests to Hatch-a-Dot expire after 5 days, and you can only send one request at a time. Keepers also cannot request to Hatch-a-Dot with anyone that they have blocked from their friend’s list. 

Once the Keeper accepts the request, you will be sent a “Hatch-a-Dot” link in the Direct Message. Tapping the link will bring you back to the Hatch-a-Dot screen with the option to Hatch-a-Dot either using Sundrops or Gemstones. Selecting Sundrops will breed both Dots with only unlocked Traits, and selecting Gemstones will unlock all Traits temporarily. 

Note: You will need to purchase a nest in order to Hatch-a-Dot. 

Once the transaction is complete, Hatch-a-Dot can begin! You will be given 3 unique eggs to choose one from (every Peridot is unique!), and your baby Dot will be hatched.

Receiving Requests to Hatch-a-Dot

If you are on the receiving end of Hatch-a-Dot, you will receive a Direct Message in Campfire requesting to Hatch-a-Dot, with the requester’s Dot information and the option to accept or deny the request. 

To opt out of Hatch-a-Dot, put yourself in Incognito Mode to hide your Keeper Name on Habitats. To enable Incognito mode, go to your Backpack > Settings > Incognito mode and tap the checkbox.