Habitats are real-world locations on the map. You can view nearby Habitats by tapping on the map icon on the home screen.


To meet other Keepers and their Peridots, you can travel to Habitats in real life. Dots love to hang out at Habitats! You can view nearby Dots by tapping on a Habitat when you are in range. Nearby Dots are real Keeper's Dots that have visited the Habitat recently. You can tap on a Keeper’s name to add them as a friend. You can even tap on a nearby Dot and Hatch-a-Dot with them using Campfire. Visit our Help Center article Hatch-a-Dot to learn more. 

Once you leave after visiting a Habitat, your Dot and your Keeper name may be visible under “Nearby Dots” to other players who visit. If you Hatch your Dot at a Habitat, your baby Dot can even be showcased on the bulletin board of the Habitat. If you would like your Dot to be showcased at the Habitat, tap the "+" icon at the top of the Habitat. Your Dot's picture will be there for a maximum of five days and will be available for Hatch-a-Dot for any other Keepers who visit that Habitat.

Niantic Kids accounts are unable to add Keepers at Habitats as friends unless they have social permissions enabled, and their Niantic ID/Dot will not appear at Habitats. Also, Niantic Kids accounts cannot Hatch-a-Dot.

For more information on what others can see about you and how to opt out, visit our Help Center article What Can Other Players See About Me? and Controlling Your Experience in Peridot.