Need to get in touch with us? Choose a topic below so we can provide you with the most relevant support contact options:

Report a Bug or Provide Feedback

To report a bug in Peridot, please visit the bug forum. To provide feedback, please visit the Official Peridot Community in Campfire and leave your feedback in #game-feedback.


Report Cheating or Harassment

We have an automated reporting system you can access via in-app support. To report a person or service violating the Terms of Service, tap the backpack > Settings >> Scroll all the way down and tap on Contact Us.


Billing and Refunds

All payment and billing related questions must be handled in-app. Tap the tap the backpack > Settings > > Scroll all the way down and tap on Contact Us to begin a conversation.


Request modification or removal of an in-game location (Habitat)

If you believe an in-game location should be modified or removed, you can submit a request for us to review an in-game feature representing a real-world location. Please visit " Reporting Issues with an In-Game Location" for information on how to submit this request.


Delete my Account

Requests to delete your account can be submitted over the web. Please fill out this form and select "Delete My Account" under the issue type dropdown menu.


Request my Data

Request your data by contacting us through the support menu in the app.


Login Help

Our Can't Sign In will guide you through some common solutions to sign-in issues. If you still need further assistance after trying the listed steps, please click the button at the bottom to contact our support team directly.


You can also contact us on social media!

Tweet at @NianticHelp for product questions or general support over Twitter.