Dear Ballers,

It’s official: NBA All-World will officially hang up its jersey on September 22, 2023. 

We are committed to maintaining our Championship mentality to close out the season strong. Tournaments will continue to run, and we are excited to say that players can look forward to some gameplay changes including:

  • More Rings to rule them all - Ring reward frequency will increase significantly in Tournaments
  • Increased player spawn rates
  • 50% discount on the AW Cash cost of My Bag Storage Upgrades in the Shop
  • 50% discount on the AW Cash cost of XP Wildcards in the Shop

In sports and in game development, everything revolves around the team - and our team was honored to have the opportunity to share this basketball experience with you.

-The NBA All-World Team


Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to play the game anymore?

You’ll be able to play NBA All-World until its official close date of September 22, 2023. On this date, all servers will be turned off and players will no longer be able to play.


What happens if I delete the app?

We have removed the game from app stores. Unfortunately, this means that if you accidentally delete the game or get a new phone after the game has been removed from the app stores, you will not be able to re-download.


What happens to my in-app purchases?

In-app purchases are no longer available, but you’ll still be able to spend your remaining AW Cash balance until September 22, 2023.

We will be able to transfer unused purchased AW Cash balances for a limited time. The following conditions apply:

  • Currency can be transferred to Pokémon GO.
  • Only accounts in good standing are eligible. 
  • We can only transfer AW Cash that was purchased using real money. AW Cash that you received as a free reward does not qualify. 
  • Your AW Cash balance will be converted to the near equivalent value in Pokémon GO’s currency.
  • All transfers will be processed after September 22, 2023.

If you would like to use your currency in Pokémon GO, you can transfer your unused purchased AW Cash balance to Pokémon GO. Please fill out this form before August 31 to request this balance transfer. 


Will I get a refund on purchases?

We have turned off the ability to make in-app purchases. You will not be able to receive a refund on past purchases, but you will still be able to spend your remaining AW Cash balance and items before the game’s finale. 


Why is the game closing?

Please see here for the Niantic Organizational Update.