There are two kinds of games in NBA All-World: drills and 1 on 1.

Drills are games you can play from Player Encounters on the map. These are focused on shooting accuracy, while 1 on 1 is focused on the offense and defense of a basketball game.

First to 5

The title describes it all: win this drill by making 5 shots before your opponent. You’ll be matched up with a random opponent and shoot side by side until the first person reaches 5 points.

Beat the Clock

You might be able to score, but can you score when it matters the most? You’ll be matched up with a random opponent and challenged to score the most points in 45 seconds, when the clock will expire.

Around the World

First around the arc and back wins. Beware- if you miss, you have to go back to your previous spot! 

3pt Shooting Contest

Last but not least, make your way around the 3 pt line and shoot exactly 12 shots. Points are determined by the difficulty of the shot, so hone in on money balls and focus on making long range All-World shots that are most valuable. You might want to take your time shooting because accuracy here is absolutely key.