It’s the event you’ve all been waiting for. Tournaments are scheduled at NBA arenas throughout the United States each week. They’re your chance to put your team up against other Ballers’ teams in a serious test of skill. The stakes are high, which means the Rewards are high. Play to win those Tournament Rings you need to Rank Up your best players.

Not near an arena? No sweat. Arena Passes let you enter tournaments from wherever you’re located around the world.

Entry Requirements

  • Cred or AW Cash
  • An Arena Pass: the Tournament you enter will tell you which pass is required to play. The All Access Pass can be used for any tournament.
  • Eligible players: some Tournaments will require players from certain positions, teams, or conferences. Read carefully!


Rewards for tournaments will vary and may include:

  • Cred/AW Cash
  • Star Tokens
  • Tournament Rings
  • Gear
  • XP