Rule the Court is a competitive leaderboard located at every Court location. You can challenge any player on the leaderboard to dethrone them for bragging rights and rewards. Can you make it reign and bounce the competition?

Find & enter a Court

As you explore the map, you’ll know you’re at a Court when you see the basketball hoop pop up.

At any Court, you have 2 options:

  1. Play a pickup game: these are 1-on-1 games you can use to practice and get more Cred

  2. Play Rule the Court

Choosing a player to Rule

When you play Rule the Court, you’ll be shown the leaderboard with a list of ranked teams and players you can challenge. Once you've scouted out the competition, tap on the player you want to knock out. Remember that challenging a player doesn’t come for free- the higher their rank, the more Cred it’ll take for you to play. Every single player has an entry fee to play against them.

Dethroning the leaderboard

Rule the Court matchups are played 1-on-1, alternating who’s on offense and defense. The first player to score 3 points or the player with the highest score in 5 minutes wins. There's no overtime at the end of regulation, so make sure your player comes out on top!

If you win, your player will earn a spot on the leaderboard and stay there until they are dethroned. You’ll be able to activate another player on your bench to take their place as your active player. If you lose, you forfeit your entry fee- better luck next time.