Active & Inactive Players

As you travel, you’ll have one active player at a time. Everything you do builds that player’s experience and skill, so you can choose to rotate your active player- or not- to level and rank up. Manage your team carefully- stars are great, but there’s no “I” in “team”.

Rule the Court Players

If- no- WHEN you win a Rule the Court game, you’ll have the opportunity to leave your player at the Court to defend their spot on the leaderboard. That means they’ll be occupied until they get knocked off the leaderboard and you will not be able to activate them for other games. Don’t worry- the wait will be worth it- your player’s reign on the leaderboard will be richly rewarded. Get psyched to win Cred, AW Cash, and more.

Note: you will not be able to leave your last player at a court, but you can continue to play and win rewards. If you want to replace a player with a leaderboard player you have at a different Court, you will have the opportunity to recall that player and replace them. All the more reason to recruit hard and build up your team.