Now that your players are energized, don’t forget that their skills in offensive, defensive, and fitness categories also make a big difference in their performance. If you’re about to take on a Rule the Court challenge or recruit a big player, check out your current player’s skills and give them a boost when they need it.


View a player’s skills:

  1. Tap on your active player in the bottom left corner of your home screen or open your Player Bench in the Main Menu

    • From the Player Bench, tap Manage
  2. Tap on each category of skills to view your player’s stats in:

    • Offense: Ball Handling, Perimeter Shooting, Mid-Range Shooting, and Dunk Power
    • Defense: Defense, Blocking, Stealing
    • Fitness: Strength, Speed, Stamina
  3. If you see any + stats in green, those indicate boosts already added in each category


Boost your player’s skills:

  1. From a player’s Manage page, tap Boosts to the right

From here, you can boost skills with Gear, Warm Ups, or Power-Ups

  1. Gear: some Gear can boost skills in different amounts and combinations. Tap the + to check out the items you have
  2. Warm Ups: practice makes perfect! Stay on top of your Daily Warm Ups to boost your skills. To check your progress on Warm Ups:
    • 10 meters traveled: warmup game (+2 skills)
    • 20 meters traveled: warmup drill (+3 skills)
    • 30 meters traveled: credits (+5 skills)
  3. Power-Ups: these are items you can collect from Drop Zones, earn from games, or buy.
    • Tap on the + to see the Power-Ups you have available in each category and tap to apply them. All Power-Up boosts last 24 hours.