You might be amped and ready to ball out, but don’t forget about two important things to manage: individual player skills and energy. Better skills make it easier to win, and lower energy will make it harder.

Energy makes a huge difference in how your player performs. Low energy will reduce all players’ skills no matter how great or highly ranked they are, so you’ll see the impact in how well you can shoot, block, steal, and dunk. Every possession your player has will drain their energy, so keep an eye out for those red energy bars and stock up on Energy Drinks!


Viewing Energy Levels

You can view each player’s energy level in a few different ways:

From your home screen: your active player’s energy is displayed underneath their stats next to the lightning symbol

  • Blue bars represent energy levels under 100%
  • Green bars will tell you your player has 100% energy
From your Player Bench, there are 2 ways to check Energy:
  1. From your home screen, open the Main Menu
  2. Tap on any player
    • Tap Energize
    • Tap Manage and Tap Energy

Managing Energy

Now you know where to find your energy levels- if your player needs more energy, use Energy Drinks to give them a boost. Players don't just automatically recharge, so keep an eye out for Energy Drinks you’ll find at different Drop Zones and earn from playing games. If you don’t have any on hand, you can buy what you need using AW Cash.