You learned how to encounter players and you're an incredible recruiting machine. Now, it’s time to learn how to really play the game. Dribble, fake out the defense, and shoot the ball. And don’t forget defense wins games- you can make moves to block and steal your way to victory.

Player Movement

How to Move

Swipe LEFT: strafe/juke left

Swipe RIGHT: strafe/juke right

Swipe UP: drive forward

Swipe DOWN: back-pedal dribble

How to Dribble

Tap LEFT: quick juke left move

Tap RIGHT: quick juke right move

Tap PLAYER: quick setup & measure your defender


Shooting is literally straight forward. You’ll be facing the basket with a basketball symbol in the bottom middle of your screen:

  1. Press and hold the basketball symbol to get set

  2. Watch the shooting meter carefully

  3. Release your hold as soon as the meter hits the target level- the closer you get to the target, the more accurate your shot will be

Offensive Movements


Tap LEFT: jab step left

Tap RIGHT of player: jab step right

Tap ABOVE player: jab step forward

Tap BELOW player: jab step backward

Tap the ball to symbol to SHOOT: pump shot fake

Dribble Juke

  1. Dribble


*Jukes vary by player and some players have signature moves


  1. Swipe UP to drive to the basket

  2. IF there is a clear path to the rim, tap DUNK

Defensive Movements

Play D strategically. Every move you make could open up a lane for your opponent to get in a shot, so make your blocks and steals count. Each time you attempt a defensive move, there’s a cool down period. Don’t make a rookie move.


  • Simple: tap BLOCK to block an outside shot

  • Advanced: tap BLOCK immediately after a player drives to the basket to block their dunk


  • Simple: tap STEAL to attempt a steal

  • Advanced: tap STEAL immediately after a player drives to the basket to strip their dunk