Great, now you know how to get around, but how do you recruit players? The short answer is you’ll need to earn it- not just anyone can recruit talent like Luka or Giannis.

Who can I recruit?

Not every team has what it takes to attract the best of the best. Your Rep means everything to top talent.  To see what it takes to get to the next Level, track your progress in your Team Profile:

  1. Tap on your username in the top left corner of your home screen

  2. View your progress tracking towards the next Team Level on the Level tab:

  • Team Rep points

  • NBA players recruited

  • Kilometers traveled

To see who you can already recruit:

  1. Tap on your username in the top left corner of your home screen

  2. Scroll up on the Level tab to view previously completed levels. Each level will show you which players you have already unlocked for recruitment

How do I recruit someone?

Encounter a new player on the map

You’ll encounter players as you dribble around in the game. If you qualify to recruit them, tap CHALLENGE! to face off in a shooting drill.

Ball one-on-one

Watch the shooting meter. Hold the button down to get set and lift to release your shot when it hits the sweet spot. Too early or too late? If you miss, shake it off and try again. First to five wins, and you’ll succeed in adding that player to your team if you’re the winner.

What if my Team Level isn’t high enough?

No matter what, you can always ball. Use this encounter to practice your shooting drill skills, earn Cred, and build experience for other player encounters. Be ready to recruit this player the next time you encounter them.