NBA All-World is where the NBA lifestyle meets the real world metaverse. Basketball courts in this world have been turned into Courts where you can ball and compete with the best players in the league. Move around the map as you walk around- look out for Drop Zones with hot Gear you can collect and use to customize your players. Explore shoes, jerseys, balls, and accessories inspired by basketball culture.



Explore the World

Get out and move in the real world to move your player and find Drop Zones, Courts, and more.

Push Your Limits

Power up player stats with Boosts in Offense, Defense, and Fitness. Make sure you keep Energy high with Energy Drinks and watch out for lower Energy that makes it harder to score.


Challenge the Pros

Bring your A-game to encounters with new NBA players on the map. First to five in a shooting drill wins a chance to recruit that player. Familiar face? If you’ve already got a player on your team, you can use encounters to practice shooting and earn more Cred.

Build Your Rep

Unlock the ability to recruit stronger players with a higher Team Level. Your growing Team Rep and experience will help you attract the best of the best.

Crown Yourself

Bounce the competition and Rule the Court. Compete against players at Courts to begin your climb to the top of the local leaderboards.

Rep the Lifestyle

Track Down Gear

Pick up Gear like sneakers and jerseys at Drop Zones. Look out for special Gear that improves player stats.

Style Your Fit

Look good, feel good. Outfit players with sneakers and accessories that help you stand out from the crowd.