What is Team Up? 

Team Up is a matchmaking system that helps connect Pokémon GO Trainers to host and join nearby raid groups. 

How to Join or Host a Raid with Team Up

  1. Open Campfire by tapping the Campfire Map icon in Pokémon GO or through the Campfire app.

  2. Tap the Team Up button 


  1. Create a new raid group or join a group 

    • Tap Join a Raid to search for an existing Team Up group to join. Once Campfire finds a raid group, you can choose to Join Raid or Pass. If you choose Pass, you will rejoin the queue to search for a new raid group

    • Tap Host a Raid to create a new raid group. You will be given several options for nearby raids to host, select a Raid by tapping the Raid Boss and tapping the Go button.


  1. The host will send all participants friend requests. Participants need to accept the friend request to receive an in-game raid invitation to raid together. Learn more about managing your Niantic Friends list. 

  2. Once you join a raid group, you can chat with other participants using pre-loaded responses. 

  3. Once the participants in the raid group have accepted the host’s friend request, you can return to Pokémon GO to start the raid by tapping on GO TO RAID.