Next time you want to organize an event with your friends in your local community, use Campfire’s Meetup tool. It’s the best way to ensure everyone in your Group knows where and when to go!

To create a Meetup, navigate to your Group’s page, tap “Meetups,” then select “Create Meetup.” You’ll then be prompted to select when your meetup will happen. You can tap one of the pre-selected options like “in 1 hour,”  “in 30 minutes,” or input your own custom time.

Next, enter a name for your Meetup, such as “Community Day Raid Train” or “Central Park afternoon walk.” Choose something fun and informative that will catch the viewers’ eye.

Add a description to the Meetupt to inform community members of any important details, such as: 

  • A landmark to look out for   

  • What clothes to wear

  • An agenda or schedule

  • Age requirements

  • If the event is open to newcomers


If the event is virtual, make sure to note that in the description. Do not add private information such as personal phone numbers in the Meetup description. 

Lastly, add a location for your Meetup. If this is an in-person Meetup, this is crucial. When selecting a Meetup location, you might want to ask yourself a few questions: Is this a great place for exploration? Is this a great place for exercise? Is this a great place to be social with others? If it’s a virtual or remote-only event, you may wish to leave this section blank. Never add private residences as a Meetup location.


Once you create the Meetup, you will see a new card within the Meetups channel that contains all the details about the upcoming event. The Meetups channel will be the home base for all Meetups within the Group so its members can easily find and RSVP to upcoming events. Before creating your Meetup, be sure to check out our Controlling your Campfire Experience article.

If you see a Meetup that may violate our Player Guidelines, witness or experience violations of the Niantic Live Events Code of Conduct, or have any other issues at a Meetup, please report it for further review.