Groups are dedicated spaces within Campfire that can be created to bring players together! You can view and join Groups in your area by scrolling down to the “Nearby Groups” section in the Activity Center for any game in which Campfire is available. You can also see nearby active Groups on the Map. 


To invite another user to join a Group:

  1. Tab the “Invite” button on the top of a Group’s screen.

  2. Search for a friend and invite them from your friends list by tapping the checkmark next to their name and the “invite” button, or copy the link and paste in a conversation on Campfire or on an external app. 


To create a Group: 

  1. Tap the Groups icon, the third icon on the bottom navigation bar. 

  1. Tap on the “+”  button at the top of your screen.

  2. Upload a photo.

  3. Create a Group name.

  4. Enter a home base location. 

    • When selecting a Group location, you might want to ask yourself a few questions: Is this a great place for exploration? Is this a great place to be social with others? Never add private residences as a Group location. 

Note: Please be mindful of our Player Guidelines when creating a Group.