In general, the best way to contact Campfire support is through our in-app support system. To contact support through the app:

  1. Tap your profile icon

  2. At the top right, tap Gear Icon

  3. Select Get Support


Please note that there may be a more suitable contact method for your specific issue or Help Center articles that can help you out. Review the topics below to learn more.


Help

Please contact us using this form and selecting "Sign-In Issue" from the dropdown menu.

Reporting Inappropriate Content

To report a player or service that violates the Terms of Service or the Niantic Player Guidelines, please use our reporting functions in the app. For more information on how to use our reporting functions in the app, please see our blocking and reporting help center article. 


Submitting a Ban Appeal

Our goal is to provide our users with a fair, fun, and healthy experience. We maintain a Three Strikes Policy against cheating and actively remove users that do not respect the rules the rest of the community follows. If you believe you were incorrectly punished, please fill out this form and select “Ban Appeal” from the dropdown menu.


Deleting my Account

You can delete your account in the Campfire app. Go to Profile > Settings > Account Actions > Manage Account to request a deletion. Please note that this action cannot be reversed once fully processed and the deletion will only result in a deletion of your Campfire account and not affect any Niantic games you play.

If you are unable to delete your account via the Campfire App, please reach out to support.


Requesting my Data

For data requests, please contact us at