Title: Your Campfire Profile

Your Campfire Profile is how you represent yourself in Campfire. Your profile shows your display name, your Niantic ID, and any in-game usernames you have linked to the account. If you visit someone’s profile you can add them as a friend, send a direct message (or message request), and take additional account actions such as blocking and reporting.


Please note: Profiles are accessible to others within Groups, text channels, direct / group messages, and through some game integrations. 


To customize your profile:

  1. Tap your profile on the bottom right of the navigation bar.

  2. Tap the settings icon on the top right of the page.

  3. Tap Edit Profile.

  4. Change your profile icon, Campfire display name, Niantic ID, and adjust visibility and privacy settings for all connected Niantic games.

Note: You can only change your Niantic ID once, so please do so with caution.

  1. To adjust visibility and privacy settings for each game individually, tap the game profile for which you would like to change.