Please note, Codename and Faction change requests are one-time exception. If you have already submitted a Codename/Faction change and were processed successfully, the request to change again will not be granted. If you haven’t changed the Codename/Faction yet or submitted any request previously, please visit here to submit your request.
Codename changes
  • Codename changes are only allowed for players that accidentally input their real name or their activation code.
  • Request a codename change via the Ingress Help Center
Faction changes
  • Only one faction change is permitted per player.
  • If a faction change request is accepted, that player’s Portals, live Resonators, and inventory items (i.e. XMPs, Resonators, Keys, etc) will be lost, and the player will be returned to Level 1 with 0AP.
  • Request a faction change via the Ingress Help Center
If one of your teammates changes allegiances, you may see NIAOPSDAEMONX destroying entities. Do not be alarmed, all traitor activity must be wiped. Some of your related entities may be destroyed in the process, but it is for your own good and the security of your faction.
NIA Recommendation: Retain your current alliance. Have faith, this did not happen by chance, you were chosen.