Profile deletions are irreversible, and you will not be able to reuse the email address again for Ingress. Once you have confirmed you'd like to proceed with deleting your profile, we cannot honor any cancellations received afterward.
Note: Having your Ingress profile deleted is not equivalent to an account reset. If we delete your profile, you will not be able to play Ingress anymore with this email address, and your codename may not be available to reuse. You also have the option to change your faction or your codename.
Also, if your Ingress account is linked to Niantic Trading Post, you will lose access to Niantic Trading Post once your account is deleted.
Please contact us to delete your account. This will completely remove your account from our system.
Note: If you request the deletion for your game account linked to Niantic Wayfarer, your deletion request will include data submitted to the Wayfarer program via this game account. If you contribute to Wayfarer via another Niantic game, these contributions will be unaffected and you will continue to be able to access the Wayfarer portal via the eligible account associated with this game.
Please note that, if you use the Hide My Email feature in your Apple ID, you’ll need to provide our support team with this obfuscated email address. Learn more about Hide My Email at the Apple Support Center.