AP (Access Points) - Points earned as you accomplish tasks such as claiming Portals, creating Links, and forming Fields.

Cool Down Period - A mandatory waiting period after hacking a Portal before you can hack the same Portal again in an attempt to acquire items. This period gets progressively longer if you are performing repeated Hacks.

Control Field - Link three Portals to form a Control Field. Establishing a Control Field increases the Mind Unit score for your faction based upon the human population density encompassed by the field.

Decay - Resonators will naturally decay and lose their XM health over time if they are not recharged.

Deploy - The act of installing an object. Resonators are deployed on Portals to control the Portal.

Faction - There are two main factions, or global teams, battling for control: The Resistance and the Enlightened.

Hacking - A mechanism for acquiring items from a Portal.

Intel Map - A web site that allows agents to view the current global state of the conflict and communicate with other agents.

ITEMS - An inventory of the game objects held by an agent. The ITEMS view is accessible via the OPS panel.

Mind Units (MU) - A measure of the human population that lives under Control Fields. The global score of Mind Units is shown on the INTEL view and on the Intelligence Map.

Portal - Portals manifest themselves usually as public art such as statues and monuments, unique architecture, outdoor murals, historic buildings, and unique local businesses. Portals are places where human creativity and ingenuity are expressed and Exotic Matter (XM) emanates. In your Scanner, Portals will appear as either green (Enlightened), blue (Resistance), or gray (neutral). Interact with Portals by claiming them for your faction, linking them together to form Control Fields and Hacking to obtain items.

Portal MOD - An object that can be installed to increase the power or capability of another object. For example, installing a Shield MOD on a Portal will increase the defensive power of the Portal.

Scanner - The core technology for your phone, the Scanner can detect Portals and interact with Exotic Matter (XM) and XM constructs such as Resonators and XMPs.

XM (Exotic Matter) - A rare and powerful form of tri-polar energy leaking into our universe from another dimension. This energy forms the basis for all Shaper technology. XM is needed to power your Scanner as well as to fire XMP and deploy Resonators. If XM falls below critical levels, your Scanner will be disabled. You can collect XM (represented by glowing orbs on the Scanner Map) by moving through those areas. The XM will be automatically harvested by your Scanner. You can also collect XM by recycling Items.

Inventory Items

Resonator - XM object used to power-up a Portal and align it to a Faction

XMP Burster - XM weapon used to destroy enemy Resonators and Mods and neutralize Portals

Ultra Strike - A variation of the Xmp Burster with a more powerful blast but a smaller radius

Jarvis Virus - Used to reverse the alignment of a Resistance Portal

ADA Refactor - Used to reverse the alignment of an Enlightened Portal

Power Cube - Store of XM that can be used to recharge the Scanner

Hypercube - Enhanced Power Cube that provides large XM storage and automatically recharges Scanner until exhausted

Capsule - The storage container that can hold other objects

Beacon (Premium Item) - Emblem used to mark a Portal on the Scanner map screen and Intel Map. Deploying a Beacon will display its emblem above the Portal for nearby Agents of both Factions to see.

Key Locker (Premium Item) - Stores 100 Portal Keys outside of the default Inventory Limit

Fracker (Premium Item) - Doubles the Hack output for 10 minutes or 150 Hacks (whichever is earlier)

MOD: Portal Shield - Shields Portal from attacks

MOD: Aegis Shield - Ultra-high powered protective shield for Portals

MOD: Link Amp - Increases Portal link range

MOD: SoftBank Ultra Link - A Mod that can be deployed on a Portal to increase Link range, boost Link defensive power, and allow more outbound Links

MOD: Heat Sink - Reduces cooldown time between Portal hacks

MOD: Multi-hack - Increases the hacking capacity of a Portal

MOD: Force Amp - Increases power of Portal attacks against enemies

MOD: Turret - Increases frequency of Portal attacks against enemies

MOD: ITO EN Transmuter - Transforms the types of items hacked from a Portal