In your Agent profile, you can view all of your achievements in the form of Medals, along with your other stats in detail. To view your profile, touch on your Profile icon on the top left corner of your screen.

You can also view other Agents’ profiles by long-pressing their codename in COMM and selecting View Profile. Note that unless hidden, Agent profiles can be viewed by other Agents. Agents can mark their profiles as Hidden from the Settings tab.


Ingress Medals are rewards for certain in-game achievements. You can tap on these medals to see details like name, description, and the number you must attain to uncover all the 5 tiers of that medal. These tiers are:
  • Bronze (lowest)
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Onyx (highest)

You can also receive special Medals by attending official Ingress events like Anomalies or Mission Days. Please visit the Ingress Events page for more information on upcoming events at your location.

Mission Medals

Missions are agent-created tasks that upon completion, reward an Agent with custom Medals. These are displayed in the section under the main Medals and do not have multiple tiers.


The bottom of your agent profile contains your all-time, monthly, weekly, and current statistics under the following categories:
  • Discovery: Focus on exploration and visiting new Portals.
  • Health - Distance you have walked
  • Building: Stats on your Portal deploying and capturing MUs for your Faction.
  • Combat: Track your impact against the opposing Faction
  • Defense: Work on defense stats to assist your faction.
  • Missions - To track how many Missions you’ve completed.
  • Resource Gathering - To track your Hack-related achievements.