Ingress is a social endeavor and full of diverse communities. Introduce yourself by letting local Agents know you’re interested in connecting with the local Ingress community, where you can meet fellow Agents and share game strategies.  

Introduce yourself in COMM! Higher-level Agents are eager to help newbies learn how to play and will help you level up. A public COMM message is broadcasted when you complete training and other Agents may introduce themselves to you proactively.

Attend anomalies and other official Ingress events to connect with the larger community and build cross-faction relations.

Talking to Other Agents with COMM

Strategize with other Ingress players using the COMM either on the Intel Map or from your Scanner.

COMM has two channels:
  • posting to Faction will only be visible to members of your faction
  • posting to Cross-Faction will send your message to agents of both factions.

Both channels have the option to adjust your range. Slide the triangle left and right to see COMM activity locally (within 20km), regionally (within 200km) or globally.

To direct a message in COMM to another player, type @ followed by a codename. The agent will receive your @mention regardless of his/her Range settings. A player’s codename will auto-populate in the compose box if you touch it in COMM and select Send Message.

If you suspect an Agent is not abiding by the Ingress Community Guidelines or Agent Protocol, please submit a report. We review all reports and take action where appropriate.