A Global perspective of the Portal network and the war for Mind Units

Use the Ingress Intel Map to view the current global state of Ingress, communicate with other agents, and plan links and fields. Navigate by panning around the map and zooming in or out or jump to a location using the search bar on the top right of the page.

Mind Unit Score

The global and regional Mind Unit score for each faction is displayed at the top of the Intel Map. For a more detailed view, click on the Regional Score to view the Mind Unit score at each Checkpoint in the current cycle.

Select the Regional Score tab to view a drop-down window with more information. From this window, you can see:
  • The Cell name
  • The current Mind Unit score for that Cell
  • Scores from past Checkpoints. Scroll down in this section to see more Checkpoint scores
  • The top 3 Agents for that Cell
  • Time to next Checkpoint