Acquire Mind Units for your Faction’s dominance

Both Factions are fighting for control of the fate of humanity. As an Agent of your Faction, you can contribute by capturing Mind Units, and creating Links between Portals is a key step towards creating Control fields to earn Mind Units and AP.

To create a link between two Portals you would require a Portal Key, which can be acquired by Hacking Portals. You can find all your Portal Keys in your Inventory by navigating to Menu > Inventory > Portal Keys.

Create a Link

To establish a link between to Portals, the following conditions need to be met:
  • Both the Origin and Destination Portals of the Link must be owned by your Faction and should have eight resonators each.
  • Each of the eight Resonators must be above the Critical XM health level.
  • The agent must hold the Portal Key for the Destination Portal in their inventory.
  • The Destination Portal must be within the distance range of the origin Portal, as determined by the overall level of the origin Portal.
  • The link you wish to create must not cut across any other link.
If all of these conditions are met, a Link will be created between the two Portals, and the Portal Key will be consumed.
  • Make sure the Portal is within your Action range.
  • Select the origin Portal from where the Link will be initiated.
  • Select LINK.
  • Select one of the highlighted Portals in the Scanner view to create a Link between both the Portals.
  • Or, open the carousel of Portal Keys from the side of the Scanner view. And select a Portal Key to create a Link towards it.

Create a Control Field and earn Mind Units

Link three portals together to form a triangular field, a “Control Field”. Control Fields work to align this population’s thoughts with your Faction. Control Fields are measured by the size of the human population that lives under the field. The larger the Control Field, the more the Mind Units earned.

Agents all around the world fight to claim more Control Fields than their opposing Faction. In order to earn Mind Units, each Faction has to maintain control of Control Fields through key scoring Checkpoints that happen every 5 hours. If a Control Field is maintained through the Checkpoint time, then those Mind Units are added to that Faction's running score. If your Faction has the highest Mind Unit score, your Faction wins the cycle.