An epic conflict has begun. The fate of the world is in your hands. We need your creativity to help grow the Ingress movement.
Our systems have detected a flurry of websites, fan-art, blogs, and wikis created by Resistance and Enlightened faction members across the world. The Ingress team offers support and encouragement to players across the world.
Here are a few guidelines you can follow to create compelling content for the Ingress community:
  • Wikis and strategy guides serve as valuable resources to new players. Contribute to existing wikis when you get the chance to help other members of your faction.
  • Ingress Field reports help other players learn from your experience and improve gameplay for themselves and others. Continue sharing your gameplay experiences with the community.
  • If you come across players’ questions, go ahead and help them or point to another fan-site that you believe will help.
Help us protect our brand by following the guidelines below.

Ingress Trademarks and Logos

Our protected trademarks and logos include the following:
Please refrain from using these trademarks and logos on your websites, social media sites, or on other items in a way that creates confusion.

Using Our Trademarks and Logos

We have created logos and images that you can use to promote your fan-sites and social pages, available below.
These can be used on your own site and on other social media sites to promote your site. These logos and images are available for use on non-commercial fan-sites only, and are not to be used in connection with merchandise, other commercial ventures or in a way that could create confusion as to whether your site is official.



We love it when you choose to share your enthusiasm for Ingress through a fan site. We’re happy with fan sites that contain discussions and tips about the game, fan-created artwork and other informational and creative efforts.
Please help out by ensuring you do not create confusion for other users by implying that your site is official, or that it is affiliated with Ingress. While you can use the Ingress logos provided by us to identify the subject matter of your fan-site, your fan-site or page also should immediately convey that it’s unofficial.
Examples of naming conventions we like:
  1. Ingress Fan-site. Not officially affiliated with Ingress or Niantic Labs.
  2. Unofficial Ingress Strategy Guide
  3. Unofficial Ingress Help Guide
  4. Ingress Toronto Resistance G+ Group
Examples of Naming Conventions we don’t like:
  1. Ingress Help Guide
  2. Ingress Strategy Guide
  3. Official Ingress Toronto Resistance G+ Group
Please don’t register or use any domain names in connection with your fan-site that might create confusion about whether you’re affiliated with us (for example, domain names that resemble our own, or that suggest they are official Ingress domains).
Also, please don’t use a fan site to share hacks, cheats, or other materials prohibited in our terms of service and community guidelines.

User-Generated Artwork

We love the stream of artwork that users have continually posted on our G+ and Facebook pages. Users are encouraged to continue posting the same on our pages and on their fan sites.


Please don’t sell any merchandise featuring our trademarks, game images, or logos, or modified versions of our trademarks and logos (either directly or through third party websites like CafePress or Zazzle).