Enemy Portals are Portals controlled by the opposing Faction. You can attack Enemy Portals and claim it for your Faction. You can neutralize Enemy Portals by firing weapons like XMP Bursters and Ultra Strikes to destroy the Resonators placed on the Portal by the opposing Faction.
  • Tap on the Menu button and select Attack.
  • Select your Weapon and touch FIRE to attack enemy Portals.
  • Alternatively, you can maximise the damage done by your Weapons, by long pressing the FIRE button for the Weapon to charge up and then releasing the button at the right time for more damage.



Like Resonators, XMPs come in a variety of Levels, from one through eight. Higher level XMPs have a wider range of fire and can do more damage. As you reach higher Access Levels, you will acquire stronger weapons. 


If the XMP is like a shotgun blast, then the Ultra Strike is a sniper shot. Ultra Strikes are good for targeting individual Resonators and destroying Portal Mods. If you stand directly on top of the enemy Portal, Ultra Strikes can be fired to destroy defensive Mods, like Portal Shields.
Once you have neutralized an enemy Portal into a neutral Portal, you can deploy Resonators to capture the Portal for your Faction.