Q: When I try to make a purchase, the wrong account comes up (i.e., an account I don't use for Ingress); can I switch it?

A: Unfortunately, this is an issue with Google Play selecting the wrong account; however, we've found that most people are able to work around the problem by following these steps:
  1. Force close Ingress (Settings > Apps > Ingress > Force Stop, then Clear data)
  2. Clear the data from the Google Play store (Settings > Apps > Google Play Store > Force Stop, then Clear data).
  3. Then relaunch Ingress and try going to the store again and see if the correct account is selected.

Q: Are purchased items transferrable/can they be given to other players?

A: No; purchased items are NOT transferrable, meaning they cannot be dropped on the play field or given to other players.

Q: Once I purchase an item, where does it show up?

A: It depends on the item; for example, Key Lockers will appear under the Capsules section of your inventory, whereas Beacons and Frackers will appear under Powerups in your inventory.

Q: How come I don’t see any Key Lockers in my STORE tab?

A: Agents may only purchase up to five Key Lockers; once you have six Key Lockers in your inventory, you will no longer have the option to purchase any more, and they will not appear in the STORE tab at all. Similarly, if you purchase a single Key Locker first, the option to purchase the six-pack of Key Lockers will disappear, since purchasing the six-pack would put you over the Key Locker limit.

Q: Do purchased items count toward the inventory limit?

A: Yes; all purchased items count toward the 2,000 inventory limit. This includes the Key Locker, which counts as one inventory item even though the keys inside do not count toward your inventory limit.

Q: I have more CMU in my balance than I have purchased or I have never purchased CMU, but have a CMU balance. Where did this come from?

A: You may be occasionally be granted CMU as part of a promotion. It can be used in the same way as CMU you’ve purchased.

Q: How come I don’t have any CMU bundles available for purchase in my STORE tab, but I still have premium items listed?

A: If you don’t have the option to purchase CMU in your STORE tab, it’s likely that you live in a country where in-app purchases are not supported by Google Play (Android) or the Apple App Store (iOS). We recommend contacting Google Play or Apple to confirm.

Q: How do I get CMU if Google Play/Apple doesn’t support purchasing in my country?

A: You may accumulate some CMU from promotions, but unfortunately, you will not be able to purchase CMU.