Founded September 2017
FAQ last updated: February 2021

Vanguards are Ingress player advocates. Vanguards collaborate with Niantic, Inc. and the Ingress team to enhance the player experience by providing direct feedback on a variety of initiatives and topics ranging from but not limited to Anomaly rules, NIA OPS policy, game features, beta software, etc. They are a sounding board for new ideas and a way to get the player perspectives on issues. 

In addition, Vanguards may have advance information that they are allowed to communicate to global, regional, national or local communities. Vanguards who choose to provide information to their communities must do so in accordance with Niantic’s policies and under the guidance of the Ingress team. Vanguards may receive token memorabilia and/or exclusive opportunities for their voluntary contributions and involvement on behalf of players. 

Who is eligible to be a Vanguard?

Any player whose account is in good standing.

What does “good standing” mean?

All selected applicants have to pass an Ingress player background check performed by NIA OPS. If a player has ever received multiple warnings or a ban due to a violation of the Terms of Service (TOS), they are not eligible to be a Vanguard. Note that Niantic reserves the right to deny any applicant for any reason.

Vanguards selection criteria 

The Vanguards are chosen for their diverse representation of the Ingress player base. Agent level and status within the Ingress player community have limited impact on the selection process. Selection criteria does not require Vanguards to be considered community leaders, although we recognize that some may be viewed as such within their respective Ingress Factions. 

Vanguards will be selected primarily based on their geographic location, knowledge of Ingress (both experts and novices) and their explanation as to why they would make a good player advocate. The ability to read, write, and communicate verbally in English is a requirement. 

Vanguards relationship with Niantic 

To participate in the Vanguard program, Agents will have to agree to and sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Violating the NDA may result in immediate removal from the program, legal action against the person, and the termination of the person’s Ingress account. 

Vanguard expectations 

While participation is entirely voluntary, Vanguards are expected to actively and constructively engage with the Ingress team and other Vanguards on a regular basis on the designated chat platform. Failure to regularly contribute may result in being removed from the program. Vanguards may take on additional tasks as they choose. This brief summary of current Vanguard responsibilities is not intended to be comprehensive or complete. 

What are the limitations of a Vanguard?

Vanguards are player community members who volunteer to represent and advocate for other players for the purpose of enhancing the overall player experience. They are not Niantic employees and do not represent Niantic. They do not have access to Niantic systems, including personally identifiable information or the Niantic Wayfarer status of other Agents. They are not authorized to make any decisions related to Niantic or its games,  including but not limited to help center tickets, Mission submissions, Portal nominations, Portal appeals, or account ban appeals.

Connecting with Vanguards

Each Vanguard determines their availability and manner in which they choose to engage with fellow Ingress Agents. Some Vanguards may be more open than others to chat directly with other players. The program does not require Vanguards to maintain any availability to respond to Agent inquiries. 

Becoming a Vanguard

We are currently not soliciting applications for the Vanguard program. Updates will be posted in the Ingress Community and the Official Telegram channel.

In Conclusion

Vanguards are player advocates. As such, their own opinions and advice to any player are their own and are not representative of Niantic. They are encouraged to provide feedback to  Niantic, whether based on their own opinions or to pass on opinions and sentiments of their local community. Vanguards are not affiliated with Niantic and their own opinions and advice are purely derived from their personal experience as Agents to other Agents.