Ingress has implemented Google Play Integrity checks to ensure a fair and secure gameboard for all players. Google Play Integrity helps verify that your Android device meets certain security standards and hasn't been tampered with. This combats cheating and protects your account from unauthorized access.

There are three levels of Google Play Integrity checks:




Currently, Ingress requires your device to pass BASIC_INTEGRITY and DEVICE_INTEGRITY checks to log in. Starting June 3, 2024, STRONG_INTEGRITY will also be mandatory.

screenshot of warning message that says You recently signed into Ingress with an Android device that does not meet our upcoming Google Play Integrity requirements, which will take effect no sooner than May 27, 2024. Please note we do not support rooted or jailbroken devices. Remember to get the Ingress Prime app on Google Play, not an unofficial mirror, and confirm your Play Store app is up-to-date.

If you have not received an in-game notification about Google Play Integrity checks, you are not affected by this change.  We expect this will impact a small number of accounts. While we regret any inconvenience this may cause legitimate players, we believe a significant number of the affected accounts are bad actors and this change is necessary to improve the overall health and fairness of Ingress for everyone.


Common reasons why your device might fail Google Play Integrity checks:

  • Rooted or jailbroken device: Rooting/jailbreaking grants unrestricted access to the device's core system files, which can be exploited for cheating. Rooted or jailbroken devices are against Niantic’s Terms of Service.

  • Unlocked bootloader: An unlocked bootloader allows modifying the device's operating system, which can violate Google Play's security measures. An unlocked bootloader is against Niantic’s Terms of Service.

  • Custom ROM: Custom ROMs are unofficial operating systems that can bypass security features. A custom ROM is against Niantic’s Terms of Service.

  • Downloading Ingress from unofficial sources: Downloading the app from outside the Google Play Store can be risky, as it might be tampered with.

  • Using a device not certified by Google: Some devices might not meet Google's security standards.

  • Older version of Play Store or Android security updates: Check to confirm you’re using the latest Android updates available from Google.


To play Ingress, make sure your Android device:

  • Runs the official version of Ingress downloaded from the Google Play Store.

  • Operates on a stock, unmodified operating system with a locked bootloader.

  • Has not been rooted or jailbroken.

  • Is certified by Google.


Note for iOS Users: While Google Play Integrity checks are specific to Android, Agents may receive the warning message on their iOS device if they use multiple phones to access their Scanner if they recently used an Android device that triggered the warning.


Check if your device meets Play Integrity:

Google provides a way to verify if a device meets Play Integrity requirements. Visit to learn how to access this tool and setting. If you're still unsure about your device's integrity status, contact your device manufacturer for assistance.


About Google Play Integrity

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