Mission types and Mission details

Ingress Missions challenge Agents to seek out sequences of culturally or aesthetically significant sites, called Waypoints. How Agents access these Waypoints is up to you:
  • SEQUENTIAL - VISIBLE: Agents will be told where the Waypoints are and must visit them in order.
  • SEQUENTIAL - HIDDEN: Agents can only see the first Waypoint location; all the rest are hidden and only revealed via location clues. Agents must visit Waypoints in order.
  • ANY ORDER: All Waypoint locations are visible to Agents, and Agents can visit Waypoints in any order to successfully complete your Mission.
Once you’ve selected the type of Mission you’d like to create, add:
  • A Mission name (required).
  • A description (required); Agents will read this and decide whether or not to try your Mission.
  • A Mission icon, used in the MISSIONS tab as well as for the Medal in Agent profiles for those who complete the Mission.

Choose Waypoints

Mission Waypoints can either be Ingress Portals or Field Trip cards—both are included in the Mission Authoring tool. Orange circles with numbers represent clusters of Waypoints in a small area, and to see the individual Waypoints, you’ll need to zoom in on the map.

To find a Waypoint for your Mission:
  • Use the Search titles and descriptions in map bar if you have a certain title, point of interest or keyword in mind.
  • Use the Go to location search bar within the map to find a specific address or cross streets, and once you’ve found the general location, click on Waypoints in the area to see their title and description.

Note that your Mission must start with an Ingress Portal - the first Waypoint cannot be a Field Trip card.

When looking for Waypoints, be sure to check out other live Missions in the area by clicking Live Missions in the bottom left-hand corner to make sure you're not crafting a Mission that someone else has already made.


You must give each Waypoint an objective. For both hidden Waypoints and sequential Missions, the Agent needs to complete the first Waypoint objective before they can move on to the next Waypoint.

A list of all available objectives is provided below:
  • View this Field Trip Waypoint
  • Hack this Portal
  • Install a Mod on this Portal
  • Capture or Upgrade this Portal for your Faction
  • Create Link from this Portal
  • Create a Field with this Portal
  • Enter the Passphrase

Submit Mission for review

After adding your desired Waypoints, you will have the opportunity to preview your Mission before submitting your Mission. Be sure you’ve made all desired adjustments before clicking Submit Mission>>. Once you’ve submitted, you can still make edits, but you will have to withdraw your Mission from review, losing your spot in the queue.

Once submitted, your Mission will show up as (In Review). Review times will vary and may take up to a couple of weeks. After it has been reviewed, the status will change from Submitted to Published (if accepted) or Draft (if rejected) and you will receive an email with some additional details about your Mission review.