The Capsule is a rare container that can be loaded with multiple inventory items, which can be dropped on the ground to bulk transfer items between Agents. The Capsule can be loaded and unloaded multiple times with no degradation to the Capsule container.

To use a Capsule:
  1. From your Scanner tap MAIN MENU > INVENTORY and select the Capsule. 
  2. From here you may LOAD, UNLOAD, DROP, or RECYCLE the Capsule.

Quick tips

  • When a Capsule is in your Inventory, the number of items in the Capsule is counted against your max capacity of Scanner inventory items. You won’t be able to pick up a Capsule if its contents will cause you to exceed your inventory limit. Also, the Capsule itself counts as one inventory item.
  • If dropped on the ground, the Capsule will disappear after some time. It’s best to coordinate with the intended recipient on the location and timing of the Capsule drop to ensure the Capsule is received.
  • When an inventory item is inside a Capsule, it is in storage and cannot be used. For example, XMPs inside a Capsule can’t be fired and Keys can’t be used to recharge or link Portals.
  • If you recycle a Capsule, you’ll receive XM for the Capsule plus all the items in the Capsule.
  • Capsules are reusable. You can load and unload them as many times as you wish as long as you do not recycle them.