COMM is an important tool used by Agents to strategize and carry out large scale operations. Given the rivalry between Factions, certain interactions that seem harmless or fun to you may be perceived differently by other players.

To ensure a fun and fair experience while playing Ingress, we advise Agents to use the BLOCK feature in COMM, if they no longer want to interact with certain Agents in COMM.

If you block an agent from communicating with you:
  • You will not see the blocked agent’s messages on any COMM tabs.
  • You will not receive system notifications of @messages from the blocked agent.
  • You will still see automatically generated messages of this player’s activity (for example, “Neo destroyed the Link…”).
  • Blocked agents will still be able to see your messages in Comm and other automatically generated messages of your activity.

To block other agents from communicating with you in Comm via your Scanner:
  • Open Comm in your Scanner.
  • Touch and hold on the Agent's codename you want to block.
  • Touch Block agent in COMM > Confirm > OK.

To unblock agents via your Scanner:
  • Navigate to Menu > Settings.
  • Scroll to the BLOCKED AGENTS section and select Manage.
  • Touch UNBLOCK next to the codename of the Agent you wish to reinstate communications with.

If you suspect an Agent is not abiding by the Ingress Community Guidelines and the Agent Protocol, please submit a report. We review all reports and take action where appropriate.

We also strongly advise that you Block Agents in COMM before submitting a report. The number of times an Agent has been blocked is one of the indicators we use during our review.