In an effort to combat cheating, as of 2.138, Ingress only supports Android devices that meet Google Play Integrity’s (GPI) BASIC_INTEGRITY and DEVICE_INTEGRITY checks. Android phones that do not meet these requirements will no longer be supported and are unable to log into the Scanner. In order to avoid these issues, ensure your Android device is powered by Google Play Services and meets Android compatibility requirements.

Starting 27 May 2024, phones will also be required to pass GPI’s STRONG_INTEGRITY check to access the Scanner. Users will receive a pop-up warning starting 2.140 if their devices do not meet strong integrity.  

Common reasons Android phones fail STRONG_INTEGRITY include:

  • Using a rooted or jailbroken device, unlocked bootloaders, or custom ROM, all which are against Niantic’s Terms of Service

  • Installing the game from anywhere other than Google Play Store

  • Using a device not certified by Google

Check if your device meets Play Integrity:

Google provides a way to verify if a device meets Play Integrity requirements. Visit to learn how to access this tool and setting.

About Google Play Integrity

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