Take a brief tour of your Scanner device

The power to battle for the fate of humanity is accessible from your phone. When you open the Ingress app, you gain access to your SCANNER. It can detect Portals and interact with Exotic Matter (XM).

Here are the key features of the Scanner’s main screen:

  1. Your Position: The arrow represents your location and the direction in which you are facing. Walk in the real world to move in Ingress.
  2. Action Range: The circle around the arrow is the action range, which indicates the area where you can interact with Portals and other objects.
  3. Portal: Portals are points of interest that each Faction battles to control. Portals can be one of three different colors: grey, blue, or green. Resistance Portals are blue, Enlightened Portals are green, and neutral Portals are grey.
  4. Control Field: When 3 Portals are linked together to form a triangle, they form a Control Field. Control fields earn Mind Units for your Faction.
  5. OPS menu: Access your Inventory, In-App Store, Missions, and other settings.
  6. Layers button: Add a layer to view your history of Visited, Captured or Scout Controlled Portals. Tap each layer to see your unique Portal visits, captures, and Portals you have earned Scout Controller on. Learn more.