As a part of our ongoing commitment to keeping Ingress fun and enforcing fair gameplay, we occasionally overturn the actions of accounts banned for falsifying their location to minimize their impact on legitimate gameplay. These actions may include removing Resonator and Mods deployed, removing or restoring Links/Fields, and restoring ownership of the Portal to a legitimate player.

Each eligible restore request is evaluated by NIA OPS.

When reviewing Portal restore requests, these are some of the things we take into account:

  • Was the account that performed the action reported and banned?
  • Was the action performed within the last 30 days?
  • What is the distance from the Portal to the nearest active Agents?
  • What is the terrain like where the Portal is located?
  • Is the Portal in a limited-access or seasonal area?
  • What is the quality of cellular reception at Portal’s location?
  • What was the cost to capture the Portal?
  • How often is the Portal visited by Agents?
  • How long was the Portal previously owned?

We also take into consideration any legitimate actions that have been performed by players between the time of the banned account(s) actions and when the restore is performed. We will not undo legitimate actions but will try our best to handle time-sensitive requests on a case-by-case basis. 

Any actions by the following official accounts is an indication that the restoration program is at work: NIASection14, NianticThia, NIAOpsDeamon, NIACHAOSMONKEY

Before requesting a Portal Restoration, confirm that the alleged offending account is banned. Action can only begin on requests once an account has been banned and that account must be banned for falsifying their location. Requests on accounts that are active or suspended, or are not banned for falsifying location will be rejected.


Step One

Ensure the account(s) that performed the actions have been banned. Portal Restoration requests on account that are not banned will be rejected.

TIP: Restart your Scanner to clear memory. Player profiles are stored in memory, and Agents pulling up a profile after their ticket is closed to check if banned may find the profile is still visible, which is not always a true representation of the account status.

Step Two

Review this support page to ensure you’ve gathered all required information needed to request a restoration.

Create a copy of the restoration template.
Fill it in completely. Incomplete or improperly completed spreadsheets may result in no action being taken.

TIP: It will be easier to complete the template on desktop than on mobile.

Step Three

Submit a portal restoration ticket to NIA Ops. You will need the following information:


  • Date and Time (including timezone) of the initial incident
  • Banned account codename
  • Completed restoration spreadsheet from step 2

Optional but encouraged (should be added to the spreadsheet):

  • Screenshot of the portal configuration
  • Screenshot of the links



Will my personal stats be restored (e.g. max time portal held)?

At this time, we are unable to restore player stats.


Will the account be removed from the leaderboard / will the leaderboard be adjusted?

At this time, we are unable to modify leaderboards.


Will cell score / cell cycle score be adjusted?

At this time, we are unable to adjust scores.


Will blocking links be removed?

No, unless they were created by the reported account.


Will keys be restored?

At this time, we are unable to restore keys lost as a result of a banned accounts actions.