Ingress is free to play. For Agents who want to enhance their Ingress experience, premium items are available for purchase in the Store.

Exchange Ingress Chaotic Matter Units (CMU), in-game currency, for premium items from the STORE tab in your Scanner.


To obtain premium items, you will first need to acquire CMU. If you don’t have any CMU, or don’t have sufficient balance to buy the item that you want, you can purchase CMU by following these steps:
  • Visit the Store by touching MENU > STORE.
  • Scroll down to the CMU store items, touch their price. You’ll be directed to complete the purchase via Google Play or iTunes.  
  • Once the CMU purchase is complete, you’ll be able to exchange your CMU balance for premium items.
You can check your CMU balance by launching Ingress and touching MENU > STORE. Your CMU balance will appear in red in the upper righthand corner of the store. It will increment when you replenish your CMU supply and decrement when you exchange CMU for premium items.

Exchange CMU for premium items

Once you have CMU, you can exchange it for premium items. The items’ prices, listed in CMU, are displayed below their descriptions. Touch the item’s price, and if you have sufficient CMU, that item will be added to your inventory.

Not all items will show under the same category in your inventory; for example, the Key Locker will appear under the Capsules section, whereas Beacons and Frackers will appear under Powerups.

Please note that premium items obtained through the STORE are not transferable; that means they cannot be dropped and thus cannot be given to other players.