Please note that the Rare Kinetic Capsule has replaced the Quantum Capsule. See more information here.
The Quantum Capsule is a special Capsule that pays interest by causing items contained within it to multiply over time. The Quantum Capsule also has all the functionalities of a normal Capsule.
  • The Quantum Capsule will only multiply items when it is in your inventory. Quantum Capsules on the ground will not cause items contained within to multiply.
  • Items created by the Quantum Capsule will appear within the Quantum Capsule itself, so the Quantum Capsule should have free space to receive any items it creates. If your Quantum Capsule is at its item limit, it will not create any new items.
  • Items in your Quantum Capsule count toward your overall inventory limit, so you should also have space in your inventory to receive new items from the Quantum Capsule. If you are at your inventory limit, the Quantum Capsule will not create new items.