Players can submit detailed bug reports for the Ingress team to investigate.
To submit a bug report, please use in-Scanner support.
  1. Open your Scanner
  2. Click the main menu
  3. Click Settings
  4. Scroll down to Help Center and click Go
  5. In the top right corner of Niantic Support, click the chat bubble to begin a New Conversation with the support bot
  6. Select Gameplay Help > Report a Bug
Please only submit one bug per report.
Summarize the issue
Your bug report summary should be specific and clearly describes the problem
Example: Unable to select a Faction after Recursion
Describe the issue
A good bug report will tell us both what the bug is and how it occurred. Be sure to provide specific details like device information or the OS version to help our team understand which users may be impacted. Including information such as steps to reproduce and time(s) (including timezones) which you experience the issue will also be useful for our investigation.
Example: After reaching level 16, I clicked the option to recurse (2/29 @ 1:30PM PST). Once the wait time was complete and I confirmed I wanted to recurse, I was not presented with the option to select a Faction (2/29 @ 5:49PM PST). I restarted my Scanner and there was no change. I am now level 1 but the same Faction I started with. I have an iPhone 15 Pro on iOS 17.3. Ingress Scanner is 2.137.1.
Add visual information
Attach screenshots or videos that will help us reproduce the issue and provide context to your report.
Other helpful information to include when possible
  • Whether or not you can reproduce this issue and the steps to take to reproduce it.
  • Whether the issue resolved itself upon restarting the Scanner or phone.
  • What type of connection you were on (ATT 5G, Comcast Wifi, etc).
  • Capture and share a 4-finger log when experiencing the issue.