Ingress uses Spatial Audio and head tracking to create an immersive experience where you can hear Enlightened, Resistance, and neutral Portals that surround you before you’re within the 40-meter action range. Head tracking is currently available on Sony’s LinkBuds and LinkBuds S, and synchronizes your head pose or orientation with your Agent Avatar.
When head tracking is enabled and you turn your head to the left, your Agent Avatar will also turn to look in the same direction. With Spatial Audio, the sounds of the Portal Network are responsive to what direction you’re facing. This can help you rely on your ears or your aural sense so you can pay more attention to the real world around you.


Supported Devices

  • Sony LinkBuds
  • Sony LinkBuds S
  • WH-1000XM5
  • WF-1000XM5


Enable head tracking

  1. Wear your Sony Headphones, and make sure they’re connected to your device.
  2. Open Ingress Settings > Enable Head Tracking.
  3. Tap CONNECT.
  4. In the list of headphones, tap Sony’s Headphones > OK.

Calibrating your sensor accuracy

  1. After connecting your head tracking headphones to Ingress, you should see a red, yellow, or green sensor accuracy status indicator.
  2. If sensor accuracy is poor or fair, slowly turn your head to the left and right, then slowly look up and down.
Protip: When connecting Sony’s LinkBuds Series to your device, you may see both [LinkBuds] and [LE_LinkBuds] listed. When both are displayed, tap [LinkBuds]; if only [LE_LinkBuds] is displayed, tap [LE_LinkBuds].

For additional help with Sony’s LinkBuds Series, please see Sony’s Help Guide here.