Blocking and Reporting

Blocking someone prevents them from being able to add you as a friend, send you direct messages or message requests, and see your game profiles. Reporting someone creates a ticket for our support team to review and take appropriate actions on a case-by-case basis. There are two primary ways to block or report someone.

Blocking and reporting from someone’s Profile

You may block or report anyone (including friends) by going to their profile and clicking on the three dots on the top right side of the screen. Profiles are accessible within Communities, text channels, and direct / group messages.

Tapping “Report” will pull up another menu to specify the reason for reporting.

Blocking and Reporting from Direct / Group Messages

Within a direct or group message, click the “i” icon on the top right to access additional message settings, including View Profile, Mute Conversation, Block, Report, and Close Conversation.

Additional Features for Community Owners and Admins

If you are the owner or admin of a Community, you will also be able to ban members from the community. You may do so by pulling up their profile or by accessing the community members list.

  • To ban a community member from their profile:

    • Tap on their profile

    • Select “Ban From Community”

  • To ban a community member from the from Community members list:

    • From the group homepage, tap on the upside down arrow on the top right corner of your screen

    • Tap “Members”

    • Select the person you want to ban

    • Select “Ban From Community”