Starting December 13, 2021, all CORE subscribers will be provided access to Niantic Social. Once an agent receives access, they are granted permission to invite any other agent into Niantic Social directly from within Ingress. You may invite other agents via COMM from an agent’s profile, and through referral links (coming 12/22/21):
  1. To invite another agent from COMM, click on their name in COMM to open up the menu, and then click “Invite to Niantic Social”. This will send a notification and automatically grant access to the other agent for Niantic Social.

  2. You may also directly invite others into Niantic Social via their Agent Profile.
  3. Inviting Agents via Referral Link (Coming 12/22/21). Once you finish the first-time onboarding, you will be presented with a referral link that you can share with other Agents. Please note that this referral link will not work for those that do not already have Ingress downloaded on their phone.

To re-access this referral link
  • Go to your Profile and tap “Add Friends”.
  • Tap “Invite Friends”.
  • Copy the referral link to share with other Agents!

Once an Agent has access to Niantic Social, you can send them Direct Messages from Ingress COMM or their Agent Profile: