Events are created within community text channels and are also displayed on the map. Events created within public communities are visible and joinable by everyone, whereas events within private communities are only displayed for that community’s members.

  1. Tip: Events can be created from any text channel. However, we’ve found that many players prefer to create a channel specifically for events to keep them separate from community chatter.
  2. Clicking on the calendar icon will bring up a view to set the time of the event. For this example, we’ll click “Custom”.
  3. Complete the Event form with applicable details including title, date and time, and an optional meetup location.
  4. Once you’ve created the event, you’ll be brought to a view to easily invite other members from this community to the event.
  5. The event card is now created in the text channel for all community members to see and indicate whether they will be attending or not.
  6. The event will be displayed on the map at the location you specified during the creation process. If the event was created in a public community, it will be visible to all players on Niantic Social. If the event was created in a private community, it will only be visible to the members of that community.